Harp Talent

Our Process

We know that becoming a valued partner to any company requires us to take time to learn and understand our clients’ businesses, and the competitive advantages and challenges faced by each. We consider the characteristics of a company’s corporate culture and its expectations. We help employers craft job postings to attract top talent. We are adept at presenting our clients’ employee value propositions – both monetary and non-monetary incentives – to spark interest from the most promising prospective candidates.

We have access to an abundance of focused, relevant market data to provide context on supply and demand in the current market, empowering employers to offer competitive compensation packages that don’t fall short or overshoot expectations. Our searches are always confidential, and we can explore options that might not be easily pursued by our client companies, such as attracting qualified people who are employed by competitors. Exhaustive research allows us to compile the cream of the crop for every company we serve.

Some industries – such as information technology, human resources, and finance – are candidate-driven markets that require creative strategies to effectively and efficiently fill vacant positions with talented people. Our client companies report that we supply them with stronger fits, which improves retention long-term. We can also help to build a model that can be scaled to achieve similar hires in future, building a pipeline of candidates that will be there when you need them. There is a cost to leaving positions vacant, and we can fast-track the process without sacrificing the quality of the prospects. We present our first slate of candidates within one to two weeks depending on the role. The results speak to our success; more than 90 percent of the candidates we present are interviewed by our client companies.

We work in tandem with our customers to guarantee we are meeting expectations as the process unfolds. We are highly communicative and offer frequent updates on our progress. We don’t consider the assignment to be complete until the candidate begins work, and we assist with onboarding the employee whenever needed, including negotiation of contracts when desired.


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