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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”

Stephane Nappo


HARP was founded as technology-oriented businesses, our successes in that sector helped us accumulate goodwill that enabled us scale-up our capabilities to support our clients with a wider range of verticals, industries and levels. Today, our core areas of expertise apart from technology spans non-Agnostic verticals including Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing.

The search for ideal candidates is a time-intensive process for hiring managers. Our customized recruiting strategy is tailored to meet the particular needs of each client. We dedicate our efforts to sourcing the top talent from a variety of industries to enable our clients to focus on activities that grow, rather than slow, their businesses. We eliminate the need to sift through endless stacks of resumés from unqualified candidates by taking care of the networking and short-listing. Our expertise has been honed over many years of helping companies form dynamic cohesive teams. Our powerhouse team possesses a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of human resources, current employment trends, and compensation trends bringing expertise to all our clients. We are knowledgeable about the current staffing landscape and its many challenges. By accessing a wide variety of platforms and employing innovative cutting-edge technology, we are equipped with robust tools to thoroughly research and evaluate a broad talent pool across the USA, and even globally for remote positions.


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