Harp Talent


We have a fully developed suite of staffing services to foster a smooth and seamless hiring process from start to finish.

Conventional Talent Searches

We offer customized engagement options with a choice of contract, retained or contingent recruitment. We have access to the industry’s top professionals and have spent years curating a continuously flowing pipeline of talent that is tailor-made for our clients’ needs. We understand and respect the fact that every client of ours is Unique and culturally different and we ensure that we spend our time and effort in tailoring this into every search for them.

Offshore Practice

Working in a new country has its own challenges and talent should not be one. We help take the risk out of offshore hiring exceptional talent for our clients by using our global experience to build a creative, promising international team. We work personally with our clients to build customized strategy to ensure that their offshore vision are successful

Start-Up Support

We admire those who have taken the risks to solve problems for people and salute their strength and commitment to build that. At the same time, we also understand the commitment and challenges encountered during the build. Time and resource constraints are an issue We partner with you during the process and understand having a recruiting team at your disposal is not easy, we will ensure that we are there with you in your journey and will manage your staffing and recruiting function while you focus on building your world class product or service. We promise you to save time, increase profitability and at the same time help you create a world class organization for you. Call us to Bootstrap your company with us

Project Staffing

We truly value the amount of planning and execution that goes into executing small or big projects from POC to delivery. While you are managing your budgets and scale through an Opex or Capex funding model or both. We can provide you with the scale and speed to staff your projects on contingency or contract leaving you to focus on the end product. We partner with every client to evaluate the scope and scale of each project, helping to develop a detailed staffing strategy to meet specific objectives and timelines.

We don’t shy away from complex projects that require multiple hires and we assist with facilitating collaborative efforts using our expertise. Detailed staffing strategies can make all the difference when it comes to a project’s success.


HARP offers customers a comprehensive service based talent solution. Get Connected with one of our experts today!